Quantum security


April 7, 2021 – ONLINE


Chairs: Mario Caligiuri, Enrico Prati, Luigi Rucco


Description of the topic: The advent of quantum communications and quantum computing has introduced a paradigmatic change in technologies. Quantum communications enhance the potential level of cryptographic security, while quantum computing has been first know to public for its potential capability of make RSA algorithm useless, but much more applications are around the corner from space encrypted communications to fast (quantum) computing for big data analytics by quantum artificial intelligence algorithms and blind quantum computing. The workshop addresses the applications of quantum technologies for both government and private industry security.


I Session 9-10:30 Research Session

09:00   Tutorial on Quantum Computing for cybersecurity (Enrico Prati)
09:30   4×15’ slots for invited talks from research


Break 15 mins


II Session 10:45-12:15 Business Session

10:45   General remarks on the quantum security international ecosystem (Mario Caligiuri)
11:15   4×15’ slots for invitedted talks from industry