Chair: Aaron Visaggio

THU APRIL 8, 2021 | h. 15:30-17:30

Towards an Automated Pipeline for Detecting and Classifying Malware through Machine Learning
Nicola Loi, Claudio Borile, Daniele Ucci

PowerDecode: a PowerShell Script Decoder Dedicated to Malware Analysis
Giuseppe Mario Malandrone, Giovanni Virdis, Davide Maiorca, Giorgio Giacinto

DETON: DEfeating hardware Trojan horses in microprocessors through software ObfuscatioN
Luca Cassano, Mattia Iamundo, Tomas Antonio Lopez, Alessandro Nazzari, Giorgio Di Natale

Sanitization of Images Containing Stegomalware via Machine Learning Approaches
Marco Zuppelli, Giuseppe Manco, Luca Caviglione, Massimo Guarascio

Constraints and Feasibility of Adversarial Sample Creation Using the Android System API
Fabrizio Cara, Michele Scalas, Giorgio Giacinto, Davide Maiorca

Enhancing Malware Classification with Symbolic Features
Chinmay Siwach, Gabriele Costa, Rocco De Nicola

Robustness evaluation of convolutional neural networks for malware classification
Vincenzo Carletti, Antonio Greco, Alessia Saggese, Mario Vento