Chair: Mirco Marchetti

FRI APRIL 9, 2021 | h. 12:00-13:30

A benchmark framework for CAN IDS
Dario Stabili, Francesco Pollicino and Alessio Rota

A Systematic Approach for the definition of countermeasures in industrial IoT: An Automotive Case
Massimiliano Masi, Tanja Pavleska and Simone Pezzoli

Experimental Assessment of Attribute-Based Encryption for Secure Over-the-Air Update of Software in Automotive Embedded Platform
Michele La Manna, Luigi Treccozzi, Pericle Perazzo, Gianluca Dini and Sergio Saponara

Learning-based Intrusion Detection System for On-Board Vehicle Communication
Tobia Fiorese and Pietro Montino

Evading misbehavior detection in VANETs with dynamic attacks
Francesco Pollicino, Dario Stabili and Giampaolo Bella