Antonio Varriale

Managing Director Blu5 Lab

Antonio Varriale started his career as System-On-Chip HW/SW developer at Telecom Italia Lab developing patented secure mobile platforms and services.


After completing a master in Business and Telecommunications he worked as ICT and Security consultant for European and Asian companies.


Since 2008 he has been leading the R&D department of Blu5 Group, creating a portfolio of HW/SW solutions primarily for the Gov/Mil sector to meet the demand of stringent security requirements.



Is investing growing security budgets improving your cyber-resilience?


Worldwide spending on information security products and services in 2018 has increased of 12.4% from 2017 and a five-year annual growth rate of 8.5% is forecasted by Gartner.


But the bad guys are growing stronger and people should be questioning whether increasing budgets actually reduce cyber incidents.


The key to success is ensuring a balance between protection and the need to run the business.