Camera Ready

The corresponding authors of accepted papers should prepare a camera-ready version of their paper and submit it using the EasyChair system no later than May 12, 2023.

To submit the camera-ready version of the paper, please follow the following instructions:

⇒ 1. Prepare the final version using the CEUR-WS template available at (using this template is mandatory). Accepted papers are limited in length to 16 pages including figures, tables, and references. Please, use the emphasizing capitalized style for the title. As an example, use “A Better Way to Format Your Document for CEUR-WS” instead of “A better way to format your document for CEUR-WS”.

⇒ 2. Prepare the copyright agreement. There are two variants:

a. AUTHOR-AGREEMENT (NTP) available at
Authors shall use this form if they included no copyrighted third party material in their paper text (or accompanying sources, datasets). This is the right variant in most cases.

b. AUTHOR-AGREEMENT (TP) available at
Authors shall use this form if they did include copyrighted third party material in their paper or accompanying material. They must then also attach a copy of the permission by the third party to use this material in the signed author agreement!

For the field “Name and year of the event” use “ITASEC 2023: The Italian Conference on CyberSecurity”.

For the field “Editors of the proceedings (editors)” use “Francesco Buccafurri, Elena Ferrari, Gianluca Lax”.

When preparing the copyright agreement, please check that the filled fields (title, authors, order of authors, etc) are equal to those reported in the accepted paper.

The copyright agreement should be printed, signed by hand, and scanned to create a pdf file. Please, note that digital signatures or different forms of signature are not allowed.

⇒ 3. Prepare a single ZIP named file containing:a) the pdf version of the final paper with the name paperX.pdf, where X is the EasyChair paper identifier;b) the archive of the Latex sources with name;c) the pdf version of the signed copyright agreement with the name copyrightX.pdf, where X is the EasyChair paper identifier.

⇒ 4. Submit the file electronically through EasyChair. First, log in EasyChair at and select the accepted submission. Use the function “Update File”, select the zip file, and upload it. If the file is uploaded successfully then a confirmation message is displayed. An e-mail confirmation is also sent to the corresponding authors.

If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected].