From the 7th to the 9th of April, the Cybersecurity National Laboratory  (CINI – National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics) will host the fifth edition of ITASEC: the main national conference on cybersecurity.

The event, which will be held for the first time entirely for free and online, brings together researchers and professionals from academia, industry and government to discuss emerging challenges and established needs in the field of cybersecurity.

The rich program will include several scientific and general sessions that will address the broadest issues of cybersecurity, from the cyber diplomacy field to the cyber-risks in aerospace, exploring also the women’s role in this expanding market and the protection of strategic assets for national security.

Next to the sessions that imagine the future – a habit of our conference – wide space will be dedicated to the experiences that characterize our knowledge of the network and the way we interface with it: from 5G technology to the activities that promote a more secure European virtual space. In addition, ITASEC21 will also offer the opportunity to collect the experiences and the vision of our sponsors (Accenture, aizoOn, Blu5 group, Bv Tech, Cisco, Exabeam, Exprivia, Leonardo, Microsoft Italia and Minsait are the Platinum; 7Layers and Tiesse the Gold; Hermes bay as Silver) on the world of cybersecurity from a business point of view.

As usual,  ITASEC21 will be hosting also a panel on the Italian’s “National Cyber Perimeter”, even more essential in the aftermath of a health crisis to which the country has responded by demonstrating great organizational skills to preserve both the world of industry and academia, thanks precisely to the use of digital and remote working.

“Despite the technical and organizational difficulties involved in an event that was created to take place in presence, we have chosen to organize the best  possible ITASEC also if online, aware of the responsibilities that derive from the enthusiastic participation in the last edition, in Ancona – according to Paolo Prinetto, director of the Cybersecurity National Laboratory – Also if it is impossible to replicate the opportunities for meeting and sharing that are typical of ITASEC, we are working hard to develop a space that is first of all the virtual answer to the halls and corridors that have gathered for years dozens of volunteers, experts, researchers and representatives of the industrial world. After four exceptional locations, which have allowed us to bring the culture of computer security throughout Italy, for this year the network will be our very home, in the hope of being able to keep alive the attention on such a central theme while looking forward to the sixth edition of ITASEC, once again in presence, in Rome”.

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